PIM: Return on investment
September 14, 2022

“In SaleCycle research, it turns out that about 65% of e-commerce returns are due to the fact that products received don't match their description. This is a huge number that can affect a business negatively in terms of money, organization and time.”

Improving brand identity through consistency: the case of SUITSUIT
December 14, 2021

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distribute consistent product information across multiple sales channels. But consistency is essential to keep a strong brand identity and stand out from your competitors.

Beagley Copperman - A success story
August 4, 2021

Discover how our client Beagley Copperman is using Katana PIM to efficiently manage the product information

Galoha, a unique management challenge for KatanaPIM
February 9, 2021

A story of the successful work between Galoha, the trustworthy retail brand and KatanaPIM, the powerful and scalable PIM solution.