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Two heads are better than one! Working together, we will have the opportunity to share ideas and skills, growing our business and contacts network and expanding abroad. Together we can help our customers have an excellent online experience and scale their business while improving our own.

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Efficient & clear product descriptions

Your clients will have all their products in order, to enhance or start their business efficiently

Easy & automated importing

With the automation process, work will be easier, faster and error-free

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With our partnerships, we already have created a big network, from which both sides benefit. Let's establish a great new partnership and get the best from it helping each other.

Become a partner
Business growth

We can help each other creating a bigger network exchanging business together

Mutual benefits

Working together we create business cases, from which both parts will be able to benefit

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Get Katana PIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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