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The key to success: efficient management of product data

For fast growing companies, it's crucial to have a scalable environment and let systems collaborate to decrease errors and avoid slow manual work. Discover how Foodelicious Wholesale and Foodelicious Store are improving their teams' way of working with KatanaPIM.

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TipPoint Trading

Faster time-to-market, reduced return rate and a better way of working for the entire team

TipPoint Trading is a B2B wholesaler that has to handle a lot of data coming from different sources. Right after the implementation of KatanaPIM, the team notices great changes in their way of working.

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Immediate growth across multiple channels thanks to product information’s centralization

Polewolf has been a Katana PIM user for some time now. After having encountered great success with the sale through different channels, the client soon faced challenges regarding product information management.

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Streamlining content creation and distribution to create compelling product descriptions and catalogs
January 25, 2023

The partnership of J2S and KatanaPIM allows two powerful solutions to streamline content creation processes and automate the syndication of your product information across print and digital channels.

What's the difference between PIM and DAM?
January 18, 2023

Learn about the key differences between Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) and discover how their integration can revolutionize the way you manage and organize your product information and digital assets.

What's the difference between PIM and ERP?
January 3, 2023

Learn the differences between Product Information Management (PIM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the benefits of integrating these powerful tools to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in your business.

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